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Bistro d'Asia

1301 Orange Ave
Coronado, CA
- 2.6 mi.
Based On 215 Reviews

Bistro d'Asia

Bistro d'Asia celebrates food and family and believes that sharing and enjoying a meal together is one of the pleasures of life. Their name pays homage to Asia where the family is the foundation of society. Coming together in celebration of food, family and friends is a standard practice in Asian households and is the cornerstone of their bistro.

Total Rewards Given


"Had a fabulous meal here!"

"Oustanding Service and Food!!"

"The service was excellent and we ate our way through the menu."


Noise Level
Restaurant Hours
Mon 11:30am-9:00pm
Tue 11:30am-9:00pm
Wed 11:30am-9:00pm
Thu 11:30am-9:00pm
Fri 11:30am-10:00pm
Sat 11:30am-10:00pm
Sun 11:30am-9:00pm