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Dunkin' Donuts - ARCHIVE

601 Pacific Hwy
San Diego, CA
- 0.6 mi.
Based On 314 Reviews

Dunkin' Donuts - ARCHIVE

There's always "more to love" at Dunkin Donuts, and with over 25,000 food and drink combinations, you can stick with your favorites or try something new. America really does "run on Dunkin", and with convenient hours, friendly service, plenty of choices and prices that are always reasonable, you can fill up and be on your way again in no time. From the coffee beans to the jelly filling in their famous donuts, everything that's served has been chef-tested and approved for maximum flavor. Start your morning off right with a cup of their famous coffee and your favorite donut, or snag a table and relax for a bit with one of their oh-so tasty morning sandwiches. Breakfast is available all day, and with choices like sausage, egg and cheese on a freshly baked croissant or the veggie egg white flatbread, there's choice enough for all. Or, go for the sweets. There are donuts galore, and their just-baked pastries and snacks are ideal for any-time dining. There's also a huge selection of other drinks. From iced coffees and summertime treats to teas, hot chocolate and specialty coffee drinks, there's something for everyone. From early in the morning until late at night, Dunkin Donuts has the food and drinks you're craving!

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Restaurant Hours
Mon 5:00am-11:00pm
Tue 5:00am-11:00pm
Wed 5:00am-11:00pm
Thu 5:00am-11:00pm
Fri 5:00am-11:00pm
Sat 5:00am-11:00pm
Sun 5:00am-11:00pm