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Flippin PIzza - Long Beach

6269 E Spring St
Long Beach, CA
- 93.2 mi.
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Flippin PIzza - Long Beach

With craveable pies and slices and a crust that is authentically thin and light, you'll be doing flips over the pizzas cooked up hot and fresh just for you at Flippin' Pizza. It all starts with the freshest dough, and then just like the name says, each pie is hand-tossed (or flipped) to stretch it out the traditional way. Red pies like the Bronx with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and peppers (and more), along with white pies like the tomato, basil garlic are just a few of the favorites. Feeling creative? Choose from their huge list of top-quality toppings which include garden-fresh produce, whole cheeses and tasty meats. Or, invert your pizza and eat it calzone-style. The same delish toppings can be stuffed inside the crust which is then baked to perfection. Their hand-chopped salads are also a great choice, and with both individual and family sizes from which to choose, it can be a main meal or a side dish to any Flippin' Pizza feast. And, if you need an event catered, their unique food truck will bring the pizza to you! In a hurry? Their slices are the perfect choice for noshing while on the go. Ask about daily specials, or just head over (or call for take-out or delivery) for some of the tastiest pizza around.

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