Harbor Palace Seafood Restaurant

4275 Spring Mountain Road
Las Vegas, NV
- 261 mi.
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Harbor Palace Seafood Restaurant

Harbor Palace Seafood Restaurant has been in business for almost 18 years since opening in 1998. We are a full service authentic Chinese restaurant. We have a wide variety of foods including Dim Sum, Traditional Chinese Dinner Entrees, or High End Live Seafood.

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"Fantastic, authentic Chinese food. Big portions. Very tasty. Will definitely return."

"I really enjoy the way they still serve dim sum the old fashioned way carrying them around with the steam carts. The quality is also very good, I especially like the siu mai and BBQ pork buns. Overall a great place for some authentic Chinese food and great dim sum."

"Best Chinese restaurant with casual family dining. Service is great."


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Restaurant Hours
Mon 10:00am-5:00am
Tue 12:30am-5:00am
Wed 10:00am-5:00am
Thu 10:00am-5:00am
Fri 10:00am-5:00am
Sat 10:00am-5:00am
Sun 10:00am-5:00am

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