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Lefty's Chicago Pizzeria - Mission Hills - ARCHIVE

4030 Goldfinch St.
San Diego, CA
- 2.2 mi.
Based On 631 Reviews

Lefty's Chicago Pizzeria - Mission Hills - ARCHIVE

The idea for Lefty's came from the over-abundance of mom and pop shops we grew up with in and around Chicago - ahh the ease of ordering a deep dish or grabbing a dog, a bag of fries--a beef sandwich; and ALL of the happy feelings that came along. Fortunately, we soon tired of missing those mouth-watering and comforting flavors of our second-city past and began spending hours in our little California kitchens. We conjured up recipes and force fed our friends, trying to re-create those pies haunting our taste buds... With so many wonderfully unique Chicagoland pizzerias, we could not begin to compare what we are creating with any one particular spot. What we do claim - we strive to bring you the best Chicago-style pizza possible along with the Windy City's other infamous street treats while here in America's finest city.

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"The best Chicago style pizza I've had on the west coast!"

"Great pizza, great hot dogs, great french fries. l love it here!"

"Employees are super friendly and helpful."


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