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Maggie's Cafe

3232 Greyling Dr
San Diego, CA
- 5.9 mi.
Based On 896 Reviews

Maggie's Cafe

Maggie's Cafe is the perfect place to leave the worries of the day behind and dine on some of the most scrumptious food in town. Things kick off early here with breakfast fare that covers all sorts of tastes -- whether you want the buttermilk pancakes, huevos con chorizo, or the Denver omelette, which pairs up red and green bell peppers with onions, ham, and tomatoes before topping off the egg-cellent creation with cheddar and jack cheeses. As the day moves along, Maggie's Cafe broadens its selection to include wraps, tortas, pastas, soups, sizzling fajitas, and more, including exceptional salads that range from the Cobb to the Greek to the tropical chicken. All-American classics proliferate as well, including succulent flat iron steaks, time-honored bacon cheeseburgers, full racks of slow-cooked fall-off-the-bone ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, fish and chips, tender rib eyes, and more. There are plenty of great drinks to go with all of that delicious food too, including beers, wines, and other thirst-quenching finds like smoothies, milkshakes, and a raw juice bar that can detox you, give you a morning boost, or any number of other tasty healthy combinations that add more fun and flavorful reasons to this already festive destination.

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