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McDonald's - E 17th St

1011 E 17th St
Santa Ana, CA
- 82.4 mi.
Based On 77 Reviews

McDonald's - E 17th St

Since 1955, McDonald's has been serving some of the world's favorite food. The golden arches beckon you to a place where you know the food is going to be fast and delicious. McDonald's may be the most iconic fast food restaurant in the world, but it is also the place where you'll find tasty and affordable meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. From steaming cups of premium blend McCaf� coffees to classic Egg McMuffins and fruit & maple oatmeal, mornings have never been tastier. For lunch, dinner and late-night snacks, wrap your hands around hearty and oh-so-satisfying Big Macs, Premium Grilled Chicken Club sandwiches, or the classic Cheeseburger. With sandwiches to make the meal, world famous fries and crisp, garden-fresh salads, you can have a meal that is perfect from the first bite to the last. Kids also love McDonald's -- with their famous Happy Meals, each box is full of child-friendly goodness. The Dollar Menu is also a great choice when needing a snack on the go, or something extra with your meal. No matter when you go, McDonald's will always be there for you with hot, fresh and delish food!

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