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Mi Guadalajara

525 W 2nd Ave
Escondido, CA
- 2,561.6 mi.
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Mi Guadalajara

Mi Guadalajara is a stunning bi-level Mexican restaurant that remains among the best restaurants in the area. From the minute you approach the front door, you know you're in for a delicious experience. Simply stunning, no detail has been overlooked; from the fabulous landscaping welcoming guests to the restaurant, to the architecture which is reminiscent of Mexican buildings, every minute in this family-owned restaurant is exemplary. Since 1982, diners have been enjoying dishes at this restaurant which stem from Guadalajara, Mexico, and while there are plenty of favorites on the menu, there are also a variety of inventive and wholly authentic dishes to try. Open daily for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night snacks, every dish on the menu is prepared from the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Head over for breakfast and feast on the popular Huevos Rancheros or any of their fully-stuffed Omelets, just to name a few. Or, check this place out for lunch or dinner and start what will surely be a scrumptious meal with the freshest Guacamole or the Fiesta Guadalajara which features a variety of their tastiest appetizers all on one plate. The list of entrées is long, and with so many different dishes from which to choose, building a meal as hearty or light as you desire is easy. Try the Steak Ranchero with onions, peppers and tomatoes or the amazing Chile Colorado. The Fajitas are always fun to eat and the Mole is too good to be passed up. Garden-fresh salads, fresh-from-the-water fish and seafood dishes, combination plates and more fill out the diverse menu. There are, in fact, so many tantalizing dishes on the menu to try, that you'll just have to go back again and again to try them all. The next time you're craving flavor, head to the Mi Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant, where everything from the food to the service and décor, is fabulous!

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