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Mignon Pho & Seafood

3860 Convoy St Ste 116
San Diego, CA
- 6.6 mi.
Based On 482 Reviews

Mignon Pho & Seafood

With a sleek, casual and modern industrial look, Mignon Pho + Seafood is the place to go when craving delicious and traditional Vietnamese cuisine. By using the freshest ingredients and the most aromatic spices, each dish will transport you to the bustling streets of Vietnam. Many of the dishes on the menu are made from recipes handed down through the generations, and the family behind this eatery also runs a successful pho restaurant in Ho Chi Minh so you know the food here is going to be authentic and tasty. Create your own pho creation from a list of high quality meats and their savory broth. Or, try something a bit different -- start with your favorite seafood (lobster, shrimp, crab and more), then pick your seasoning (lemon pepper, garlic butter, Cajun or jackpot which is on the sweet side), then pick your spice level. With everything from not spicy at all to really spicy, this dish is then cooked up to your exact specifications. There's more on the menu, but the best thing to do is to head over there the next time you're in the mood for flavor!

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