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Myst Lounge

756 Fifth Ave
San Diego, CA
- 0.4 mi.
Based On 367 Reviews

Myst Lounge

Inspired by the hottest nightlife venues and restaurants in Las Vegas, Myst Lounge brings to the historic Gaslamp District the ultimate dining and nightlife experience. This is a trendy and urban place. Comfortable lounge seating, plenty of bar space and cozy tables make it a great choice for evenings out with friends or someone special. Go for a meal and indulge in modern Mediterranean cuisine crafted from the finest and freshest ingredients. Kabobs, a gyro wrap, sliders, lamb chop lollipops, pizzas, and salads will cure any cravings you might have. And to drink, sip on craft cocktails, a glass of wine, beer or a bottle of bubbly. And, with a selection of unique Myst hookahs and after-dark entertainment like DJ hosted parties, you can dine, drink, smoke, relax, party and unwind, all in one amazing place!

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Mon 1:00pm-2:00am
Tue 1:00pm-2:00am
Wed 1:00pm-2:00am
Thu 1:00pm-3:00am
Fri 1:00pm-3:00am
Sat 12:00pm-3:00am
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