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Rosati's Authentic Chicago Pizza

337 N El Camino Real
Encinitas, CA
- 24 mi.
Based On 338 Reviews

Rosati's Authentic Chicago Pizza

In Encinitas and craving authentic deep-dish Chicago-style pizza? You're in luck because there's a Rosati's Authentic Chicago Pizza near you. With humble roots that began as a family-owned and operated pizza shop in 1964, now you can find Rosati's all across the country. Known for their outstanding pizzas, you can go with a Chicago original, or try any of the other specialty pies. It doesn't get any better than their deep-dish pizza--buttery crust is mounded with mozzarella and a chunky tomato sauce. Or, try their specialty thin crust pizza which is light and flaky. The double-dough is slightly thicker, and has a unique hand-rolled edge. Gluten-free pizzas are also available, and there's a huge selection of toppings. There are also specialty pies to feast on. From The Godfather (sausage, garlic, onion and hot giardiniera) to Rosati's Monster, a fully loaded pie, there's something for everyone. Sandwiches, like the Italian beef, pastas like their famous lasagna, salads and more round out the menu. Plus, with a casual vibe and friendly service, you can go again and again to get your fill of outstanding pizzas and other casual Italian eats.

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