Santorini Island Grill - Scripps Ranch

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San Diego, CA
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Santorini Island Grill - Scripps Ranch

The island of Santorini is part of the very beautiful Cyclades island group that encircles the southern Aegean Sea like an exquisite string of pearls, of which Santorini is the most unique. The crystal-blue Aegean, sunny volcanic vineyards, olive tree groves, whitewashed houses, and one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world all combine to make the special flavor of Santorini. Here at Santorini Island Grill, they like to live up to those inspiring faraway lands by speaking the same language: fresh! A total diet and lifestyle approach that centers on freshly prepared foods made from sublime ingredients continues to be one of the best prescriptions for a long, healthy life. Santorini Island Grill doesn't worry about the competition, instead putting all the focus on their guests. That is why the menu is not targeted at one specific demographic group, and instead offers something for everyone. It's the same driving force that keeps the Vartelas family on their mission to adapt the Greek island cuisine and lifestyle to American tastes. This Scripps Ranch locale of Santorini Island Grill opened back in 1999, providing a fitting addition to this upscale community. Whether it's lunch or dinner, patrons flock here to try the likes of oven-baked lemon and oregano marinated chicken, broiled shrimp skewers, gyros, pitas, burgers (add the volcano feta for a spicy touch), dolmas, and much more. There are all-day specials to devour, sides to accompany your main courses, family and party packs to feed everyone, baklava to finish off your meal in classic Mediterranean style, and other touches that allow Santorini Island Grill to offer its own piece of the good life to each and every guest that passes through.

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