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The Grand Deli

595 Grand Ave
Carlsbad, CA
- 32.4 mi.
Based On 140 Reviews

The Grand Deli

Although it's hard to say you could resist any venue offering a champagne brunch, Carlsbad's Grand Deli has that and so much more. Offering fabulous breakfasts, lunches, espresso and a variety of coffees, the establishment boasts a twenty-year history of quality and service, having won the "Small Business of The Year Award" from their city's Chamber of Commerce.

Total Rewards Given


"I grabbed a half sandwich and soup to go to eat on the beach and it was perfect."

"The sandwiches were good size and really fresh."

" The service was great and the food even better!"


Noise Level
Restaurant Hours
Mon 6:30am-4:00pm
Tue 6:30am-4:00pm
Wed 6:30am-4:00pm
Thu 6:30am-4:00pm
Fri 6:30am-4:00pm
Sat 6:30am-4:00pm
Sun 6:30am-3:00pm