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The Regal Beagle

3659 India St
San Diego, CA
- 1.8 mi.
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The Regal Beagle

There's always a hearty welcome waiting for you at Regal Beagle. This "quaint little joint" nestled in Mission Hills boasts a fine selection of craft beer, as well as a complete menu of artisan sausages and other delectable items. The concept for the Regal Beagle was quite simple...strive to build a place that provides "quality grub and grog" along with a setting that charms with all of its quirks and character. There are activities and games to keep the socializing rolling, and friendly prompt service that always comes with a smile. It's easy to see the The Regal Beagle's mission has been a smashing success. Those amazing sausages from T & H Prime Meats in San Marcos make for great dining. Savor 1/3-pound Grilled Sausages, Burgers, and Hot Dogs all on locally made Sadie Rose Buttermilk Rolls, along with each being served up with house made potato chips. From the German Garlic to the Jalapeno Cheddar to the Moroccan Style Lamb, these sausages are perfect additions to any Regal Beagle visit. Even better, you can wash it all down with one of the two-dozen constantly rotating craft brews. Come in, enjoy yourself, be social, and savor the fruits of labor from some of the finest brewers around the world. Don't pass up a chance to stop in for one of the many weekly special either, like Monday's Mini Corn Dogs ($0.25 each) or Thursday Wingsday (3 for $1). Happy Hour is weekdays from 3-6pm.

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