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Woody McGees Barstro

4356 Holland Rd
Virginia Beach, VA
- 2,331.3 mi.
Based On 232 Reviews

Woody McGees Barstro

What's great about Woody McGees Barstro is the kids will feel right at home joining you for dinner. And at the same time, it's also a terrific place to meet up with friends for a few drinks and some live music. In fact, Woody McGees Barstro is a place for all occasions, big and small. Want to watch the game? There are loads of big screens to keep you in all the action. Need a smoke break; this place is a two-for-one deal with a separate bar for smoking patrons and a bistro side where everyone else can chill and dine. And if it's food you're after, the kitchen makes everything in-house and from scratch. That means that stuffed pork loin with whipped Kahlua sweet potatoes you have one night, and the Asian-inspired tuna nachos the next are just the beginning of your culinary fun. The menu and specials are loaded with unique offerings, each as amazing as the next. Just think of wandering in one evening to find southern style smothered pork chops at the ready. The food and drinks are off the hook and only add to the charming feel of this neighborhood hangout. NOTEWORTHY: The best she-crab soup in the area.

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