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Mogl helps drive more guests to your restaurant and helps those in your community who face hunger. Join us and become a restaurant who Mogls.

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How It Works?

Seamless Solution

MOGL requires no additional hardware, staff training, or effort from your venue. Simply join the MOGL network here and we will begin working to increase revenue and frequency.

Increase Exposure

MOGL influences consumers through enticing offers and a good cause- Fighting Hunger with Hunger. Members use the mobile app and website to compete with friends, fight hunger in their community, and discover new and exciting places to eat and drink.

Instantly Rewarding

Members simply link their VISA/MC/AMEX cards to the MOGL network and use them at participating venues to instantly earn and be notified of rewards. The result? More frequency from local consumers and increased spending from your favorite customers.

"People that are signed up for MOGL are spending more money and do come in more frequently, so its been good for us!"
Ryan Woodward
Gina's Pizza, Orange County
"We have seen immediate results, its trackable, discernable, marketable...just watch your revenue grow."
Ralph Marcarelli
Red Light District, San Diego
"MOGL generates business, its a fun activity for your customers and staff as well, its a win-win, there's nothing you can lose!€
Paul Goodall
The Landing Grill & Sushi Bar, Westlake Village
"I've been with other programs and if l'm not happy with the program I tend to make a decision pretty quickly to get out...MOGL is the one I'm sticking with!"
Jim Foley
California Grill, Camarillo
"I've been in the bar and restaurant business for 20 years and I've never seen a rewards program which went the extra mile...this is the first company which makes it exciting!"
Dan Hurst
Tavern Bowl, San Diego

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