House Of India

256B Main St
Huntington, NY
- 2,460.8 mi.
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House Of India

House of India is a family-run eatery that offers a slightly more upscale dining experience. Here, service, quality of dishes, and your overall experience are paramount, so you can go for lunch or dinner and expect to have a wonderful time out. You'll find a terrific selection of dishes on the menu. Picking and choosing from some of India's more popular meals, the menu doesn't just stick to one culinary region. Feast on hand-crafted fare like curries, tandoori chicken and salmon, the spicy lamb vindaloo, and so much more. Vegetarians love the huge variety of dishes offered, and to go with any meal, be sure to order naan bread, chutney or raita. Good reviews bring people in the door at House of India, but it is the fabulous food and service that keeps them going back for more. Craving Indian cuisine? Make House of India your new go-to for flavor-packed and oh-so good Indian food!

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