Inca Gaucho Restaurant

173 Westchester Ave
Port Chester, NY
- 2,448.1 mi.
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Inca Gaucho Restaurant

Discover a world of flavor at Inca Gaucho Restaurant. This place specializes in two types of cuisine, all under one roof. Explore the myriad fusion flavors of authentic Peruvian seafood, or choose to dine on the grilled meats of Argentina and Brazil. Or, mix and match to create the perfect meal for your cravings. This is a lovely spot to dine. With a casual, urban vibe, it is welcoming and comfortable. Perfect for everything from lunch with co-workers to family dinners and date-night with someone special, there's always plenty of temptation on the menu. Every meal is hand-crafted from the finest and freshest ingredients, and special attention is always paid to presentation. Start your meal with Peru's most famous dish: ceviche. There are a few kinds to try, or go for another favorite like empanadas. Lomo saltado, arroz chaufas, bistek frito, and plenty of just-from-the-water fish and seafood dishes are all expertly prepared for your dining enjoyment. There's much more on the menu, and in case you're having trouble deciding, there are also some combinations. Always friendly and delicious, when you're craving the dishes of South America, head to Inca Gaucho!

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