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Khyber Pass

523 University Ave
San Diego, CA
- 2 mi.
Based On 322 Reviews

Khyber Pass

When it comes Afghan, sometimes your options are limited - and you never know just what you're going to get. With Khyber Pass, however, your selection, taste, and value are all off the charts: Lamb Curry, Yogurt Sauce and Basmati Rice, and Chalow Sabzi all add to the flair and style of this Middle Eastern eatery, which also offers a lot of vegan options as well, for those more eco- and animal-friendly pals in your life.

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"the food here is unforgettable and will leave you craving for more."

"The food here is amazing, the customer service was always top notch and I've enjoyed both lunch and dinner there over the years!!"

"HANDS DOWN. THE BEST. GREAT SERVICE Drive from Oceanside to hill Crest JUST to eat here."


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