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1128 25th St
San Diego, CA
- 1.4 mi.
Based On 851 Reviews


Renovated out of an old house, Krakota contains a large wooden deck built around trees and a classic retro-themed dining room with dark red walls, huge masks, island-themed decor and old furniture. Named after a volcano on the Indonesian island Pulau, Krakota has an extensive menu with every item similarly having been named after a volcano. Plenty of options are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and Krakota also offers free Wi-Fi access for patrons with laptops and a bar serving numerous varieties of Illy Caffe (the world's finest coffee) and smoothies.

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Mon 6:30am-8:00pm
Tue 6:30am-8:00pm
Wed 6:30am-8:00pm
Thu 6:30am-8:00pm
Fri 6:30am-8:00pm
Sat 6:30am-8:00pm
Sun 6:30am-6:00pm