Oasis Cafe & Bakery

377 Main St
Medford, MA
- 140.9 mi.
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Oasis Cafe & Bakery

Oasis Cafe & Bakery offers a wide selection of tasty treats in a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Since opening in 1986, they've wowed patrons with a caring staff and talented chefs that have worked tirelessly to create a pleasurable atmosphere for everyone that visits. Using bakery breads, garden-fresh vegetables, and juicy, delicious meats, Oasis creates each meal with love. The trained chefs work hard to replicate the flavors of home, so you can take a break from the kitchen and treat your family to a great meal and a fantastic time. From savory salads to mouthwatering pasta dishes, this is some of the best food at the best prices the area has to offer. From the eye-catching Greek decor to the comfortable outdoor tables, Oasis is designed down to the last detail for a memorable dining experience. The outdoor garden features a unique Greek motif with trees, a wooden deck overlooking a sculpted water fountain, and pebbled ground that creates a truly enchanting space. The charming indoor decor is also designed to best complement your meal, and the fast, friendly, and caring service always ensures a great time. The even speak Greek here, so it will feel just like you've traveled to the Mediterranean. Plus, whether you are planning an intimate business luncheon or a lively family reunion, Oasis can help you with its catering services for up to 125 guests, with Greek-style favorites or a special menu just for you and your event.

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Thu 6:00am-10:00pm
Fri 6:00am-10:00pm
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