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Osetra The Fishhouse

904 5th Ave
San Diego, CA
- 0.3 mi.
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Osetra The Fishhouse

Osetra 's world-class service, award-winning wine list, and freshest seafood this side of the Pacific ensure every visit here is nothing short of spectacular. Extensive renovations have helped Osetra become downtown San Diego's premiere seafood restaurant, serving up fresh, gourmet seafood, aged meats, and handmade pastas from the culinary traditions of Europe, America, and the Pacific Rim. From the lamb ossobuco and black truffle chicken breast to the Alaskan King Crab legs and lobster ravioli, this place is packed with deliciousness at every turn. Along with its many specialties, Osetra also features fresh oysters, caviars, and an ice bar stocked with an extensive selection of vodka. It's a dazzling collection of dishes and libations, making this a world class dining experience as well as the perfect lounge setting to unwind and meet the elite of San Diego. When guests walk in the door they are awestruck by the showcase three-story wine tower. Home to an award-winning selection of wines, the bottle are retrieved by "Wine Angels" flying through the air, making this a unique and striking attraction to go along with the top-notch dining. With so much to offer, Osetra is on the top of the list for the astute clients from near and far.

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