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Poki Poki

1042 N El Camino Real Ste G
Encinitas, CA
- 24.7 mi.
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Poki Poki

Offering fresh and wholesome poke bowls in a friendly fast-casual setting, Poki Poki is a must-try for food lovers. Quickly becoming one of the hottest dishes in the mainland, poke is a Hawaiian delight that's not unlike sushi in a bowl. At Poki Poki you can build your own perfect Poki Bowl by choosing your base (white or brown rice, spring salad, or chips), protein (choices include: ahi tuna, albacore, salmon, octopus, tofu, and more), toppings (including fresh veggies like avocado, jalapeno, and cucumber), and mouthwatering sauces. Eating on the go? Try the sushi burrito with all of your favorite ingredients conveniently tied up in an easy to eat wrap. Pair your food with a refreshing iced tea or a can of Hawaiian Sun. Brighten your day with the flavors of the Rainbow State at Poki Poki.

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