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Primos Public Corner

2401 Fenton Pkwy Ste 104
San Diego, CA
- 4.7 mi.
Based On 186 Reviews

Primos Public Corner

Does your usual dining routine have your taste buds in a rut? Primos Public Corner can help. This casual Mission Valley spot takes well-honed, traditional Mexican recipes and combines them with San Diego's particular brand of craft creativity. Made-from-scratch goodness is in every bite, whether you choose the fire-roasted chile relleno, bourbon Sriracha flautas, or the smothered mole BBQ fries. For taqueria fans, Primos slow braises its pork, adds hand-smashed avocado to its NY strip, tempura batters its cod, and uses a few other delicious techniques to create the area's best tacos. The same goes for burritos and favorites like the mercado fish: a fresh, market-priced dish garnished with chili oil and served over fire-roasted corn salsa, black bean puree, and serrano butter. Sides range from refried beans to Baja street corn, expanding any menu pick into a full-on meal. Primos also gives the bar a fresh spin, offering up enticing cocktails and other drinks to accompany the many amazing Mexican plates. The horchata or glass of Mexican lemonade adds a refreshing touch, while an order of avocado lime mousse or the Abuelita ice cream and churros will bring a fitting end to your visit. There's great outdoor dining, and more than a dozen TVs to keep you close to all the game-day action.

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