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Santorini Island Grill - UCSB

9500 Gilman Dr
La Jolla, CA
- 11.9 mi.
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Santorini Island Grill - UCSB

Offering a quick and healthier dining alternative, Santorini Island Grill at UCSD can be your one-stop, in-and-out dining destination for Greek cuisine. At this order-at-the-counter fast-casual eatery, you can pick from a big menu of hand-crafted fare that's always made fresh and from the best quality ingredients. Pick from fun fusion fare like the feta fries which are topped with Greek's most famous cheese, fish & chips with lightly breaded mahi mahi, or a juicy Greek burger. For authentic Greek cuisine seekers, the avgolemono soup, gyros, spanakopita, and calamari salad are sure to please. At this eatery, the grill is at the heart of the kitchen. From it comes succulent cuts like the marinated and grilled pork or lamb chops, grilled shrimp skewers, and more. There are family packs if you're taking something home to feed the gang, and don't forget about the baklava for dessert! Great food, unbelievable freshness, and traditional flavors makes Santorini Island Grill Express a must-stop dining destination! Please note: Be sure to ask about the all-day specials, and if you're out early during the week, this location is open for breakfast.

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