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Thai Style Noodle House

3516 Wynn Rd
Las Vegas, NV
- 261.1 mi.
Based On 794 Reviews

Thai Style Noodle House

Your lunch and dinner plans don't have to taste the same day after day when Thai Style Noodle House has just what need to shake up your routine. Take a journey to the more exotic culinary lands of Thai cuisine, where spices, fresh ingredients, and classic recipes converge to create flavors that are both new and comfortable. Whether you're calling in for delivery, ordering takeout on your way home, or swinging by with coworkers or family, the Noodle House satisfies every appetite. Part of the charm of this casual spot is the dozens of menu options, which reach far across Thailand to bring back dishes such as the Rad-na with Noodle, Red Curry, Duck Fried Rice, Tom Yum Noodle Soup, and so many more. From the rice and noodle dishes to the chef's specialties and desserts, Noodle House satisfies with a flair for the authentic and service to match. Great prices, multiple locations, and mouthwatering food lets Thai Style Noodle House offer diners a place to get a great tasting meal at great prices in the Las Vegas area.

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